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The Bretzke Methodology and Process

Based on experience spanning nearly two decades, Bretzke has created an exclusive methodology for the development of customer-oriented projects, with new marketing practices and supported by information technology. In general, our projects go through a process with 12 stages, which can be recombined according to the project scope.

With this methodology, Bretzke integrates the five key pillars of Relationship Marketing: strategy, processes, technology, change management, and communications, achieving results that are well above the market average.

The Bretzke Consultancy System

1. Assessment:
This is a method based on the process of interviews guided by outlines with custom-made questions, flow charts, checklists, standard indexes and spreadsheets for crossing data, which allows the company to look into the problems, needs and possible paths for optimization with speed and total interaction, both in relation to administrative and financial aspects and with regard to market issues. The collection of performance data is compared with the best practices. The assessment intends to establish the Corporate and Marketing Strategy which is most suitable for the company.

2. Operational and Strategic Recommendations:
The recommendations made by the BRETZKE CONSULTANCY SYSTEM are presented in three different types of Reports: Executive, Management and Operational, for different levels and company needs, supported by graphs and diagrams. These recommendations have the commitment to generate results in the short term with the strategic alternative which ensures the competitive edge for the company..

3. The Implementation Process:
The implementation of the recommendations is made through the exclusive MR Progressive Assimilation Method, which includes a Program for on-the-job training and Implementation Manuals, written in simple language, specific for the client; presenting the processes in a descriptive manner, through the use of diagrams and/or flow charts. The monitoring process is done through monthly or weekly reports, engagement calendars, and other tools that make sure that the proposed strategy is indeed implemented.

4. Communication Campaigns:
BRETZKE develops a Communication Plan and presents the Campaign Briefing, which can be executed by the client’s agency or by the creative division of Bretzke Consultancy, according to the level of complexity, the demands of each project, and the available budget.

5. Change Management Programs:
BRETZKE looks into the training needs, recommends the Programs, develops teaching materials and executes the training courses employing innovative techniques for maximum efficiency. In addition, a trainer manual is prepared for each training module and a multiplier is duly trained, this party having the responsibility of providing refresher courses to the trainees, thus ensuring constant improvement. For pedagogical preparation of the teaching materials, we have a longstanding association with MBS Treinamento e Consultancy, specialized in corporate pedagogy and oral communication.

The convergence of Technology and Marketing to build sustainable relationships

Bretzke is Brazil’s best known and most successful consultancy in Relationship Marketing Strategies, Loyalty and Acquisition & Lead Generation Programs, and also one of the pioneer companies in the development of projects for Integrated Communication and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
The creation of best practices, which Bretzke has been carrying out since the company was founded in 1992, is due to the development of proprietary methodologies and tools which maximize the return on marketing actions and, consequently, the return on investment.
For Bretzke, in order to keep a company growing and competitive with optimized resources, there is the need to focus on loyalty building and the retention of current customers, with greater business volume, and constant and effective acquisition of new, more profitable, customers.
Indeed, there is a distinguishing factor in the company’s unique practice of converging relationship marketing and information technology. This is the result of a combination between deep technical knowledge and significant practical experience with clients from a wide range of market segments.


Each company has dynamics and challenges of its own. Simply copying best practices from other markets does not always achieve the best results. For this reason, Bretzke brings together academic knowledge, experience in different segments, expertise, and an exclusive methodology that helps your company to create your own best practice in relationship marketing through the development of projects that are custom built for each individual client company.

The incorporation of the Bretzke methodology leads your company to an upgrade of management practices and strategies and significant increases in performance.

Bretzke stands out through its integrated view of strategy based on structured programs for acquisition & lead generation and loyalty building, which makes it easier to gain the commitment of the whole company for the optimized management of customer relationships.
Even companies who are already customer-focused need to constantly excel, adopting new customer management practices, developing strategies and marketing tactics, integrating sales, telemarketing, web, stores and distribution channels in a relationship continuum which provides greater return on investment.

In a shorter time, and with fewer resources, Bretzke obtains results well above the market average for your company..

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